Additional options


Functionality of the FLARM option:

  • FLARM Transponder, emits the current position
  • The number of FLARM devices within radio range is displayed as a data field
  • Radio range approximately 2.5 km
  • Power consumption: +35%

The FLARM option is a hardware module that can be installed by any Flytec Repair Centre.

FLARM installation in Flytec 6020/6030 (Bräuniger Competino+/Compeo+)
Order number 49130

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Functionality of the Bluetooth option:

1. SMS transmission (live tracking - requires a mobile phone that supports the outdated DUN profile)
2. NMEA data transmission
3. IGC file transfer

The Bluetooth option is a hardware module that can be installed by any Flytec Repair Centre.

Installation of the Bluetooth module in Flytec 6020/6030/6040 (Bräuniger Competino+/Compeo+)
Order number 49100

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Airspaces activation

  • Activation for 20 airspaces for Flytec 5020 (Bräuniger Competino)
    order number 49200
  • Activation for 150 airspaces for Flytec 5020/6020 (Bräuniger Competino/Competino+)
    order number 49230
  • Activation for 300 airspaces for Flytec 5030/6030 (Bräuniger Compeo/Compeo+)
    order number 49220

FAI triangle assistant

During a triangle flight, the FAI triangle assistant helps setting the third turn point optimally so that the flight will be scored as an FAI triangle. Read more in the Quick Guide.

The FAI triangle assistant is available as an option in 6030 / Compeo+ software 3.37c or newer. For the activation code, the serial number must be sent to

Order number 49150