Flytec builds varios for paraglider and hang glider pilots, balloonists and para-motor pilots: Electronic assistants that make flying dreams come true, which deliver invaluable information for thermal flying and navigation. From student to world champion and world record holder, Flytec varios, thanks to their robustness, reliability and precision, guarantee unforgettable hours in the air, for top-level performance.

We develop, test and produce our varios in one of the most stunning flying areas of the world, right in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Through our dealers and associated flying schools, we provide pilots worldwide with flight electronics that has the joy of flight at its core.

We also make our expertise in device development available as a service to industry partners. Our core topics are high definition pressure sensors, low power consumption, wireless data transmission and outdoor usability. We can also take care of the production of such devices.

Visiting pilots are always welcome. Therefore, if you are ever in the area of Lucerne, drop by; maybe you can even join us for a test flight from our home site, mount Pilatus.


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