Naviter - questions and answers

What happens with the Flytec Element series, the Flytec Connect1, and the Naviter Oudie?

In a first step, we’ll combine the current varios from Naviter and Flytec into one offering. Naviter ensures support and repairs for all current and previous Flytec and Bräuniger varios, either directly or through the existing Flytec Repair Centres. On the other hand, starting immediately, the Flytec Repair Centres will offer repairs for the Naviter Oudie as well. In the future, Naviter will combine the knowledge of the two companies to develop and produce even better varios.

Where will I buy Flytec varios in the future?

Your Flytec shop remains your Flytec shop, and will, in all likelihood, remain so for the future. Warranties remain valid, and repair services will be available.

I’m a Flytec or Naviter dealer, what does that mean for me?

For now, only that you’ll be able to get Naviter and Flytec varios from one single source (usually the one where you got your Naviter or Flytec varios until now). In addition, Naviter will offer repairs for current Flytec varios, and Flytec Repair Centres will repair Oudies. Warranty for all Flytec and Naviter varios remain valid.

Over the next few months, we will optimize our distribution channels, aiming for a simple and efficient structure. Depending on where you are located, your contact for making orders may change in the future. But we are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible for everyone and we will keep you posted on our progress.

What about repairs and support, also for older Flytec and Bräuniger varios?

Warranties remain valid, and repairs will still be done by our Flytec Repair Centres. Additionally, they will also offer repairs for the Naviter Oudie. In return, Naviter will repair all current Flytec varios. More service for our pilots.

The Flytec Repair Centres continue to offer repairs also for all previous Flytec and Bräuniger varios.

We will combine our technical support divisions, but you can still reach it either through or

My Flytec vario is defective. What should I do?

You can send it directly to one of our Flytec Repair Centres. Eastern European pilots can send their current Flytec varios now also to Naviter in Slovenia for repairs.

My Naviter Oudie is defective. What should I do?

In many cases, your dealer will be able to do the repair. If not, then the Flytec Repair Centres will be able to help you. You can of course still send your Oudie directly to Naviter.

I pre-ordered a Flytec 6030 Special Edition. What is happening there?

Pre-orders remain valid. We had some problems getting some of the electronic components, that caused a delay in our delivery. This has been resolved, all components are ordered and on their way to our electronics manufacturer. We expect to start sending out 6030 Special Edition from the middle of November.

Will you continue to produce Flytec varios in Switzerland?

Naviter has a first rate production facility in Slovenia. They are currently increasing their capacity there, to be able to produce Flytec varios, and will start their production in the next few weeks.