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Flytec FLARM for paraglider and hang-glider

FLARM warns of collisions

The collision warning device FLARM exists since 2004. Since then, more than 25,000 helicopters, gliders and light aircraft are equipped with FLARM. Flytec provides this protection exclusively for paraglider and hang-glider pilots.

FLARM, a development of a group of Swiss glider pilots, is a small, lightweight and inexpensive collision warning device with low power consumption. It was originally designed for safety in gliding: The sleek gliders are barely visible from certain angles. The FLARM devices alert the pilot if another FLARM-equipped aircraft is on a collision course, and show its position. Due to its effectiveness and continuous development, FLARM is now considered the de-facto standard in sailplanes, with increasing importance for helicopter and powered flight. Thanks to the FLARM option for Flytec varios, paraglider and hang-gliders can now also be made electronically visible to fast-flying planes and helicopters.

Installation option for Flytec varios

In cooperation with the company FLARM, Flytec has developed a FLARM option for Flytec varios. This turns Flytec Varios into a "FLARM-transponder" which transmits continuously its position to all FLARM devices in the vicinity. This allows helicopters, gliders and powered aircraft pilots to perceive the paragliders or hang glider over several kilometers and react accordingly.

With the FLARM option activated, the vario’s battery life is reduced by about 35%.

FLARM is currently available as a retrofit option for the devices Flytec 6020 and 6030 (Bräuniger Competino+ and Compeo+). Our developers are working on a the FLARM option for the Connect 1. Retrofitting can be done by any Flytec Repair Centre.

Continuous development

The software running on the FLARM module is programmed by FLARM themselves, and is continually evolving. To ensure ongoing collision protection, it is imperative that this software is brought up to date at least every two years. FLARM devices with outdated software are no longer visible to devices running the latest software.